Things To Know When You’re 4 Weeks Pregnant

4 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations on becoming pregnant! You were learning how to be a good human being during all your life. But pregnancy will teach you how to be a good mother. Being pregnant is a beautiful miracle, and in the next nine months, your excitements will double.

IntroYou have missed your last period and took a pregnancy test straight away, instead of waiting for a while. And thus you already know that you’re 4 weeks pregnant. And I know you are so much thrilled about it. The excitement is unlimited if this is your first baby. Or you might get used to the idea of having a baby by now if this is your not-the-first one. You may not be sensing anything different at this stage. As early pregnancy symptoms don’t always reveal during the first few weeks. But please don’t think I am trying to restrain you from celebrating this incredible news with your spouse or partner. You can do that, but you may not wish to tell the entire world just yet.

Your very first preparation at week 4 of pregnancy should be to your doctor to plan your first prenatal appointment. Where he or she will check your pregnancy with a blood or urine test. It may seem weird to you. But the truth is pregnancies are usually calculated from the first day of your last period instead of the day you actually conceived. That’s’ why it’s hard enough sometimes to be sure about the precise date of pregnancy.

Did You Notice the 4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms?

Did You Notice the 4 Weeks Pregnant SymptomsIf you didn’t, you are about to. According to the American Pregnancy Association, almost 30% of women surveyed informed a missed period as their first pregnancy symptom.

The pregnancy hormonal secretion cause some of the most typical 4-week pregnancy symptoms, surprisingly, the same hormones give you a positive pregnancy test. Those hormone levels get higher very quickly, so while it’s okay to be 4 weeks pregnant without any symptoms, vomiting, and nausea may come to get you soon.

You should expect the following symptoms at your 4 weeks of pregnancy:


You may be a little obese due to the pregnancy hormone “Progesterone,” a naturally occurred steroid hormone.

Mild Cramping

At 4 weeks pregnant cramping might give you a bit of trouble, but you will feel relaxed when you know that it actually could be a sign that your baby is properly implanted in the wall of the uterus. But don’t forget to consult with your doctor immediately when you experience any severe cramping or pain at week-4.

Light Bleeding

Light BleedingIt can also be a part of your week 4 pregnancy due to the implantation. But don’t worry—this isn’t abnormal at all. Doctors estimation is, about 30-40% of women go through some vaginal bleeding all through their early pregnancy, and the pregnancy progress remained normal in most of the cases.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are some possible reasons for mild bleeding and spotting in the first half of pregnancy, it includes but not limited to:

  • Vigorous Sexual Intercourse
  • Implantation Bleeding
  • Internal Exam did by your midwife or obstetrician
  • Cervical Bleeding caused by an infection due to STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

And the previous recommendation applied here too. If you are bleeding excessively or frequently, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Frequent Mood Swings

Frequent Mood SwingsYour mood will be going erratic mostly because of your unstable hormone emission.  Your mental and physical stress and your restless mind could contribute to this ‍symptom as well.  Pregnancy mood swings are most extreme during the first twelve weeks. After that, the hormones level started becoming normal gradually, making you less prone to cry at every advertisement commercial of life insurance you watch on TV.

Morning Sickness

Specialists say that around 55-90% of pregnant women get some morning sickness (such as nausea and vomiting). So, you should get ready to get an upset stomach at some point. Morning sickness typically gets severe for 9 weeks and then gradually gets better, usually stop appearing entirely in the 2nd trimester.


One of the most common 4 weeks pregnant symptoms is complete exhaustion, as your entire body is working tirelessly to turn that tiny ball of cells into an embryo. So, don’t be afraid if you feel fatigue at this stage.

Painful Breasts

You will feel your boobs sore and tender because of those rushing hormones instructing your body to prepare milk ducts inside your breasts for your upcoming baby.

Some Outfit Suggestions During Your 4 Weeks of Pregnancy

Belly & Baby SizesA tummy of 4 weeks pregnant may be a little bloated, but you don’t look absolutely pregnant yet (that’s because your baby gets just about the size of a poppyseed during this time). The growth of your baby this week is speedy. About half of the cells will turn into an embryo by the end of the week. The other half of the cells will give the effort to keep your baby nourished and safe.

The size of your baby may seem impossibly small to you, but what’s even surprising to know that most of the characteristics of your child, for example, eye and hair color, gender, and much more, have already been determined in this phase.

When your skin-tight jeans will get harder to button, don’t hesitate to wear some looser clothing. There is a lot of loose-fitting dress available on the market that will get you to look fashionable as well stay comfortable and relaxed during your pregnancy. 

Some Do’s and Don’ts

Some Do's and Don'tsDepending on your doctor’s advice, you may need to have some initial blood tests to check your pregnancy and hormone levels. One test will check your Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), it’s a kind of pregnancy hormone. The number should double in every 48-72 hours. The other will check your progesterone hormone levels, another type of pregnancy hormone we have mentioned earlier of this blog. Both tests are repetitive minimum once to evaluate the increase in numbers.

Even after one month of your pregnancy, it’s not too early to adopt healthy habits and diets. Try eating whole foods, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. No matter what the size of your baby is, you should begin acting like a mom-to-be. You got to give total leukocyte count (TLC) to yourself as well as your upcoming little one.

Your baby is undertaking significant growth at week 4 of your pregnancy already, so you better start taking some prenatal vitamins if you’re not yet. Get it with at least 400 micrograms of folic acid and don’t forget to take it every day. I understand that you have got a load your mind, but while folic acid is confirmed to help avert congenital disabilities, so this is extremely important!

Some Do's and Don'ts (middle)

Workout During Pregnancy

Doing some workouts can be a useful way to ease your pregnancy symptoms and keep your body and baby healthy. Usually, any activity you were doing before pregnancy is safe to continue during the first trimester. For heavy exercise, you will have to consult with your doctor first.

It’s very much relevant to note that miscarriage rates are high during early pregnancy. Recent statistics show that about 20 % of known pregnancies terminate in miscarriage, many of them occur around the time a woman assumes her period to start. Symptoms of miscarriage may include heavy bleeding, cramping, and spotting. But if you face these symptoms, you don’t need to fear the worst as not all kind of bleeding means miscarriage is impending.

The best way to measure what’s actually going on is to keep an alert eye on yourself all the time and talk to your doctor about the symptoms you’re undergoing more often and elaborately.

The remedy for Lower Back Pain in 4 Weeks

The remedy for Lower Back Pain in 4 WeeksIt’s not unusual to suffer from lower back pain at all when you are in your first trimester. The pain could cause by the ligaments loosening. You may visit a Chiropractor when the back pain starts to occur. S/he may do some massage on your back and perform some adjustments. Fortunately, it goes away by week 16 for most of the woman. To reduce this pain during your early stages of pregnancy. You can also try out some pregnancy safe Yoga positions after consulting your doctor.

It’s easy to compare your situation with your friends and family who were/are pregnant. but an expectant mom should always remember that each woman and every single pregnancy case is unique in some ways. So, what may have worked or been an issue for other, that might not apply to your situation at all. Your solution could be entirely a different one based on your age, body fitness, time and season of pregnancy, family background, upbringings and lots of other things.

As pregnancy has its way with you, your body will endure various changes. But the utmost change will be the slow and lovely conversion of your mind from a woman to a mother.

conclusion To have a baby is one of the most significant, awesome, satisfying and life-changing events of your life. I am definite that you will be an outstanding Mom. My sincere wishes to you mom-to-be. Have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Keep enjoying this extraordinary moment of your life! Congratulations again!!

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