6 Effective Ways to Teach Children

6 Effective Ways to Teach Children

As children grow, they begin to learn and develop their skills and abilities. With the availability of various teaching aids and methods, there is perhaps, now more than ever before, many effective ways to teach children.

However, children still need to be guided and taught about the right way to go about acquiring new skills and applying them in real-world situations. 

Seeing as kids differ in the way they gain knowledge, it is up to the caregivers to use techniques that are tailored to maximizing each child’s style of learning. 

As a guardian, you no longer have to rely on the traditional methods of teaching, as there are new techniques that have been tested and proven to be effective. 

Here are six ways;

Teach with actions and instructions

Children pick up things easier when they see and hear how things are done. This method involves showing combined with telling rather than just telling your kids what to do. 

If possible, break down the process into simple steps that can be easy to grasp and follow one at a time. For instance, your child will benefit more from seeing you make a bed than hearing instructions alone. 

As you fold each corner of the sheet into the bed, you should explain what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Leave room for practice

After you might have demonstrated a particular skill, you should let your child carry out the same task on their own while they are under your supervision. 

You can guide and correct them with touch and words until they have fully grasped the concept. 

After you have shown your child the whole process of making a bed, pull the sheet off the bed, step aside and let them lay the bed under your guidance.

Teach through play

Kids are prone to quickly absorb knowledge when they are taught through engaging and exciting methods. 

Playing traditional games and making up your own is a fantastic way for kids to learn.  

For example, a child interested in nature would enjoy learning about the world around them by playing a memory card game from My Happy Helpers

Other learning games include Scrabble to teach spelling and Pictionary to help with vocabulary. 

Teach with music

Crafting facts and instructions into catchy and lively tunes is a great way to ensure that your kid understands concepts quickly. 

Your child will be able to memorize and quickly recall the names of the states in Australia with the help of a song. 

This technique can also be adapted for teaching necessary daily activities like personal hygiene and how to put clothes on.

Teach with art

Illustrations, paintings and sketches are effective methods that help kids to learn effortlessly. 

Whether you want to explain how a system works or you want to teach a particular skill, artistic techniques can drastically reduce the difficulty involved in grasping concepts. 

For example, you can show your child how to wash their hands properly with a step by step illustration.

Get your child’s feedback

The best way to determine the effectiveness of a teaching technique is to get feedback from your child. 

By letting them talk about their feelings regarding your methods of teaching, you will be able to discern the most effective ways and how to tweak them to match their specific aptitude.

Positive encouragement can go a long way in helping children to learn quickly. Give constructive criticism and ensure to point out instances when they performed excellently. 

Correct their mistakes with gentle words and guide them until they can work on their own.

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