Can toddlers use bath bombs?

Can toddlers use bath bombs?

Bath bombs can turn kids bath into a fun time with the beautiful colors and scents that they emit when exploded in the water. But, at the same time we as the parent need to ensure that these bath bombs are safe for the kids. Although they are said to be safe for the toddlers, there have been a number of incidents of skin rashes among kids and adults alike. This, however, should not stop us from using the bath bombs.

Here are a few things that should be considered before using/buying bath bombs for kids:

  • Organic ingredients: The basic ingredients of bath bombs are baking soda and citric acid that enable the scented chunks to explode in the water. The other ingredients – essential oil, colorant, glitters, and fragrance – may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is the glitters, colorants, and fragrance that may cause skin problems or even damage the hair. For your kid, make sure you buy bath bombs made with organic ingredients as they have been touted to be safe for all.
  • Allergens: Make sure the bath balls are free from allergens. First of all, figure out if your toddler is allergic to any food dyes and synthetic fragrances that are the most common allergens and usually found in bath balls. If your child has an open wound or injury it is highly advisable not to use the bath scents as it may cause irritation on the wound.
  • Staining and skidding: One of the major issues with the colorful scented balls is their ability to stain the bathtubs and of course you. Some bath bombs contain oil that may make the bathtub slippery making it difficult for kids to get inside and out of the tub. Test the bath bomb on the tub before your toddlers use it. You can also use an anti-skid mat to prevent skidding.
  • Eco-Friendly Bath Bombs: Buy eco-friendly bath bombs as they contain ingredients that are not only safe for kids but also to the environment. Avoid products that have unnatural colorants and glitters as they can harm your kid as well as the environment.
  • Never Buy in Bulk: As moms we tend to buy in large quantity for our kids but in the case of bath bombs it is highly recommended to buy only a couple of them as each bath bomb comes with a recommended ‘use by’ date.

Toddlers can definitely use bath bombs given that they are made up of organic products and free from any ingredients that may cause irritation, rashes, staining, or any injury to them. Besides, never leave your toddler alone in the bathtub as he may drink the water from the tub. Always keep an eye on the kid and don’t let him sit in the bathtub for a longer duration as it may cause color allergy or staining. Once your child has enjoyed the colorful scented bath, rinse him thoroughly with plain water under the shower.


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