Fishing Kayak Buying Guide

Fishing Kayak Buying Guide

Fishing kayak makes fishing easier for fishermen. It allows the fisherman to stalk all rare fishes without having to chase them. Choosing a fishing kayak depends on what features you want in your kayak. There are kayaks for fishing in ponds, seas, rivers. Some of them are paddle based while the others are pedaled. You can also look out for weight, length, accessories etc.

What Things To Consider While Buying A Fishing Kayak

Which Type Of Kayak You Prefer: Sit on top kayak is good if you need bigger storage and bigger legroom. Sit-inside kayak is good for fishing in colder areas. Inflatable kayaks come with a smaller storage. You should choose one from these three and continue looking further.

Paddle or Pedal: Determine if you want a paddle or pedal kayak. Paddling kayaks require both your hands and legs to ride the kayak while pedaling kayaks only require your feet. But pedaling kayaks could be more expensive than a paddling kayak.

Length: The length of a fishing kayak has a dramatic role on how it will perform in the water. what length you need depends on the type of water you are going to use the kayak on. Kayaks shorter than 11 feet are suitable for ponds, creeks. Kayaks that are longer than 12 feet are much faster. So you should buy long kayaks for fishing in seas, rivers or lakes.

Another thing that you should consider is your height. If you are a pretty tall guy, you need to buy a longer kayak, regardless of the water.

Kayak Stability: Older days kayaks used to be unstable and tippy. But nowadays, most of the fishing kayaks are stable and strong which allows you to stand while fishing. But if the stability is too high then it’s going to be pretty tough for a small bodied fisherman to maneuver it perfectly. If you are a person with a big body, you can easily paddle it. The narrower the kayak is, it is easier to paddle a long way and the wider the kayak, the faster to cover a long way in a shorter time.

Anchor Or Drift: You can find both traditional or electric anchoring systems in kayaks nowadays. Anchor kits allow your kayak to stop in open water so you can rest for a while. But anchors add in additional weight to the kayak that makes it too heavy to paddle. So you might think of going  without an anchor set.

You can also allow your kayak to drift with the current of the water. You won’t have to paddle providing some rest to your feet.

Cost: Of course the cost of a kayak is an important thing to consider before you buy any.

Polyethylene sit on top kayak and recreational kayak are the cheapest on the market. On the other hand, composite kayaks come in double the price of a plastic kayak. But these are loved the most by advanced paddlers.

There are a few types of fishing kayaks. Sit-on-top kayak, sit in kayak are the most popular ones.

Let’s know more about these two..

Sit On Top Kayak: Sit on top kayak is the most popular kayak. You can come in and out of it easily. This kayak is great for warmer weather. You won’t have a suffocating feeling using it. This is great if you take your kids with you who love swimming a lot.

It’s quite impossible for a fisherman to stay dry on a sit on top kayak. It doesn’t  have cockpits around the driver’s seat to stop water from splashing on the driver. There’s no other access to the inside of the kayak other than the storage hatch opening.

Sit Inside Kayak: The biggest advantage of a sit inside kayak is that these kayaks have more stability than sit on top kayaks. This allows the kayak to paddle more easily and the driver can turn the kayak with more grip. The enclosed cockpit provides more legroom so the paddler has more strength to paddle the kayak more efficiently. Also it stops water from splashing on the paddler. It saves him from waves or splashes and helps him to stay dry. Hence, it’s great to use in colder weather.

Sit inside kayaks can be sunk easily in the sea if both the hatch covers come off and water fills both  bow and stern.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, both sit on top and sit inside kayaks have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should know your intended purpose then decide which type of kayak would be the best for your fishing needs. As all of us don’t have similar needs and all the kayaks don’t come with similar features, we would need different kayaks for each of us.

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