Happy family, happy work and happy community!!!

childcare worker

Lot of them easily get burnout these days due to lot of expectations at work such as meeting the minimum standards which most of them don’t enjoy doing it. And it also adds up lot of frustration and anxiety due to varied reasons such as bad peers, rude customers, family commitments such as picking up kids, dropping them off at school, taking them to dancing classes or to sporting classes and lastly after all the hard yard they need to cook for the family at home.

If one could prioritise their goals and start working on them, one could see the real change that brings happy family, happy work and happy community. For most of us their family and work are equally important, as everyone wants to excel at work with career goals and look after the kids at home at the same time.

Few careers that stands out are Childcare or Early Childhood Education and Care, Teacher’s aide or Education Support and School Age Education and Care. Above mentioned careers help one balance work and family commitments. If one loves working around children then these careers are for them. Inspire & Learn offers all these above mention courses which can be studied online and at own pace.

If one pursues career in Childcare they work as Educators, being an educator one can start their own family day care or work at childcare centre as educator. If one chooses to work at home, they care for the children who are dropped off by other parents and look after their own children at home the same time. To work in the childcare industry as Educator one need to be studying Certificate III Childcare or Diploma Childcare or have completed the qualification.

If one loves working at school minimum qualification required is Education Support which can be certificate III or Certificate IV. Education Support is also known as Teachers aide or Integration aide. One should complete their qualification to work as teaching assistant to the teacher at school.

Another qualification which can help one work at school is School Age Education and Care.  If one does Certificate IV, they can work at Vacation care as Childhood Education Assistant which are run by schools during school holidays or the before care and after care school programs as Educator which are run at school as well. Those who do Diploma, they work as authorised Supervisor or Centre Manager or Coordinator or Director (before and after school care programs services).

Due to the booming population there is always demand in the above fields where you can work around with your family, children and career which give lot of flexibility with children, family and work.

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My childhood memories are surrounded by dynamic, loving parents from whom I got my nurturing being and love of children. My passion and affection for taking care of babies began at a young age, and I fulfilled my dream of becoming a pediatric nurse. Over my career, I have assisted hundreds of families and babies, and with that inspiration, I started writing to share my experiences and baby care tips. From my own life experience, I have a deep understanding and a profound empathy and compassion for parents. I emphasize on newborn care at my blog. I help my readers to understand how to effectively set up a routine that fits the family's lifestyle, how to respond to the baby's needs, establish healthy sleep habits, and know about the extra care that a newborn requires, like diaper rashes, umbilical cord stump care, circumcision care, reflux, colic, swaddling, and soothing techniques. I am a mother of twin girls, in their 20's, which has been an invaluable experience for my life's work with children. I live in Virginia with my husband and daughters.


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