How to announce your new home to your friends and family

new home announcement cards

Getting a new home and moving in can be quite daunting. There is usually so much going on, especially with the packing and unpacking.  In addition, you have to settle and familiarize yourself with your new place and the new neighborhood.  While caught up in the throes of your new home, you might forget to announce the good news to your friends and family. There are probably some people who know about the big purchase, but it’s always nice to find great ways of announcing to all. Well, we have provided some amazing ideas and tips to get you started.

Do it like the good old days

We don’t dispute the fact that the world has changed so much, and there are now better ways to do things. But that doesn’t mean you should entirely do away with the good old days. There are times when people used to leave a note when announcing something special. So why not do that as a way to announce your new home to family and friends? It will actually be a pleasant surprise in this modern time and error. All you need are new home announcement notes that can be bought online or at a brick and mortar store. Also, the good thing about notes is that you can personalize them to suit your style.

Custom cards

If you want to announce your new home in style, then you might want to go the custom way.  There are many sites that offer customized new home announcement cards, which all come in stylish designs. Some of the sites even go a step further to mail the cards to the recipients directly, so you don’t even have to think about it.  This means things will be two times easier for you. What you have to do is pick a design that you like, and you’re good to go.

Plan a house warming party

A house warming party will always be the best way anyone can announce and celebrate their new home with loved ones. On that note, if your family and friends are yet to know you have a new house, plan a house warming party and invite them over. This will even be the perfect time for them to tour the house and get to see the home’s highlighting features. Before you can plan the party, ensure you already got some gorgeous housewarming invites.

Go digital

You can as well go digital if you feel like the old fashioned ways are not for you.  In this case, you can send an email to all of your close friends and family members announcing the good news. Most of the time, people set aside time to check their emails. Therefore, you really won’t have to worry about some people missing out on the news. Besides, you can personalize your emails to make them stand out and more exciting to read. You can also attach a few pictures of your new house to give them a glimpse of how it looks.

Record a fun video

Everyone is doing videos, so why would you want to be left behind. Individual announcements take too much time and involve a lot of hassle. But creating a single video clip and sending it to everyone all at once will save time and make the people around you feel special.  You can decide to send it via email, text, or post on social media. You can provide a visual of the new home or insert a graphic right on the screen if you like.

Try a GIF

We live in a digital world, and almost everything is done digitally. People love GIFS, and you can create one with a quick video of your brand new house and even insert the new address.  With that said, if you are more of a private person and you only want your close friends and family to receive the news, create it in private mode. You can choose a platform of your choice. There are so many of them, and if you’re a tech-savvy person, then things will be way better.

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