How to Hang a Baby Swing From a Tree: Steps and Safety Tips


For many people, tree swing is a reminder of our childhood. A backyard is also incomplete if there is no tree swing in it. The swing provides years of fun.  However, when it is about setting up a baby swing from a tree, two important things come into play. One is the safety of your kid. And, the other is preserving the condition of the tree. In this post, we will discuss, how to hang a baby swing from a tree.

Find a suitable tree and branch

The first step to set up baby swing in your backyard is to find a suitable tree and branch for hanging the swing. To choose a particular tree, look for below characteristics of the tree and branch

Tree type

The tree must be hard and sturdy so that it securely holds the swing. In this respect, an oak tree is an ideal choice. Exempt some tree types for hanging the swing which includes fruit trees, evergreens, and trees that split easily.

Branch size

Choose a horizontal branch that is thick and measures  8 inches in diameter or more and stay off the ground for at least 20 feet.

Branch condition

The branch you choose to carry the load of the swing and your baby must be a healthy one. Like human beings trees also suffer several diseases. So, pick the branch that has no infestation. And of course, it must not be a dead branch.


The last feature is the branch should be large enough so that a swing can be fit in it by leaving enough gap between the swing and trunk.

The most important step-attaching the swing with the tree

There are two ways one can securely attach the swing with the tree.


One way is using an eye bolt. Drill a vertical hole into the tree branch you choose earlier and then insert an eye bolt into the hole. The eye bolt you will insert must be  1/2” diameter or larger and should be corrosion resistant. The subsequent step would be securing the eye-bolt with a tree using nuts and washers. One advantage of using Eye bolt is the swing has no direct contact with the bark and thus canceling out any friction. The use of an eye bolt for an extended period will damage your backyard tree.


Another way of attaching a swing with a tree is by using a rope. But make sure that the rope does not cut through the tree bark. To keep the bark intact, use a piece of rubber tubing to minimize the friction.


How to choose the right type of rope for a tree swing

Polyester Rope

The ideal rope for hanging a baby swing with the tree would be the braided Polyester Rope. The rope offers maximum strength, withstands wear and tear of outside elements and stretch a little.

Nylon Rope

Nylon is the strongest rope. However, it is quite slippery and prone to stretching and thus quite dangerous for young kids.

Polypropylene rope

This is a lightweight rope and the least expensive one. It is a poor quality rope that deteriorates its strength rapidly with exposure to sunlight.

Natural fiber rope

This rope is made of naturally available materials which include cotton, manila, hemp, and sisal. It is a popular rope in rural areas to hang a swing from a tree.  Natural fiber ropes are not as strong as synthetic ropes and can be snapped anytime without giving any prior notice. The rope needs to change every year or two for safety reasons.

Metal chain

Metal chains are not ideal for small kids to firmly grasp it while enjoying a pleasurable swing. But it is a secure option like synthetic ropes due to its high-strength and corrosion-resistant property. Further, metal chains nicely withstand wear and tear of outside elements. It should not be attached around a tree branch and needs to be attached with an eye bolt to hang the swing.

Tree swing safety tips

To avoid any untoward incident while hanging a swing with a tree below are a few safety tips

  • Examine the tree branch, rope, and swing carefully. Install the swing in such a way that it does not cause any groove or damage in the tree.
  • Make sure the swing has enough clearance to move freely.
  • Change the rope once in a year
  • Make sure knots are tied securely
  • The rope must be of high-strength that withstands wear and tear of outside elements.
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