Maternity Pillow: Safe Uses and Cautionary Tips

maternity pillow

Get bored of hearing the advice to have slept as much as you can before the baby born! A scene often comes in front of the eye that You are too much tired and waiting for crawling into bed, But your ever-growing bump is right there to create a wedge between you and a good night’s sleep.

For many, due to the constant trips to the toilet, internal thermostat issues, aches, pains, and hormonally triggered insomnia, good sleep at night has already become a long distant dream.

You might dismiss a pregnancy pillow from your pregnancy buying list. But the pregnancy pillow is something that is specially designed to ease the discomfort of pregnancy and cradle pregnancy off to dreamland. It is engineered to not only support your belly but also these pillows target hip or back pain.

Your rest is essential during pregnancy. Because it affects not only your own health but also baby health will be affected. So, the handy sleeping aid that can make your rest more comfortable is considerable. Buy a comfy pregnancy pillow which is best for you among the many types.

Types of pregnancy pillows

a pregnancy pillow available in many different sizes and types is designed to ease various body aches, unlike the regular pads.

Pregnancy body pillow 

Pregnancy body pillowThis pregnancy pillow is a full body pillow which covers the size of your body literally. You can sleep on it like how you lye across your partner. Hopefully,  there will be no jealousy for some sleep comfort! You can sleep well without tossing and turning. May your partner will welcome the fact.

The pregnancy full body pillow will alleviate swelling of legs, improves blood circulation and eases back pain.

U-shaped pregnancy body pillow

U-shaped pregnancy body pillow1

This pillow is to wrap all around you. It is a multi-positioned pillow. Depending on your sleep position it can sandwich you front and back once you begin sleeping on your side in the second trimester or it will prop you up if you sleep like a back-sleeper.

Inflatable pregnancy pillow 

Inflatable pregnancy pillow1

This is highly recommendable for those who like stomach sleep. You can even feel like a life raft. It helps to reduce aches and pains.

Pregnancy wedge pillow

Pregnancy wedge pillow1This type of pregnancy pillow is much smaller and less expensive. It is especially to support targeted areas. Typically your bump or back is mostly supported by it.

Considerations when shopping for a pregnancy pillow

Before you buy a pregnancy pillow, a few key factors are must be considered:

Sleep Position

What kind of sleeper are you? You might be a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper. However, each sleep position has challenges getting comfy while sleeping during pregnancy. Buy the best one which suits you the most.

Sleep Positions During Pregnancy

As your baby begins to grow, you’ll presumably end up having to regulate your comfort to accommodate your ever-changing body, no matter what is your natural sleep position. Most girls realize that a facet sleeping position becomes the simplest, and most comfy, a spot to rest within- and most gestation pillows area unit made to assist you to relax in such a fashion.

You need to sleep on your left facet because it will increase the quantity of blood flow and nutrients to the placenta. You furthermore may will higher facilitate relieve back pain by sleeping on your face, a standard grievance of the many pregnant ladies. Later in gestation, many ladies expertise symptoms, creating any position that has your head additional leveled with the remainder of your body uncomfortable. This is once raising your higher body slightly can facilitate, and sleeping on your back, along with your more upper body elevated might offer the relief you wish.

Using pillows underneath or between your knees, lower back, or perhaps your neck will assist you to support spinal alignment. It permits your body to roll additional naturally into a position so you’ll be able to get the sleep you need.

Back Sleep Position

When sleeping on your back, it’s continuously necessary to stay your head and neck in alignment with the remainder of your spine. Usually, a dilutant pillow is that the best option for this position, however as you shift to your aspect to alleviate the load, you’ll begin to feel it in your lower back and can like a slightly higher loft of a pillow.

Back pain and stress square measure common complaints of pregnant ladies thanks to the constant pressure on the soft tissues that are moving and reshaping themselves to accommodate body changes. So it’s particularly necessary to permit the rear to rest appropriately through the night.

Also mentioned on top of is that the preference to elevate your higher body and head if, or when, you start to expertise pyrosis. You furthermore may wish to support your neck, shoulders, further as your lower back to be ready to lay back in an exceedingly unerect position and still keep your spine straight.

Side Sleep Position

Side sleepers might notice that they’re well accommodated till later in their physiological state once the load of the baby begins to tug downward and build a strain on their back. They additionally might notice that they’re unable to put their legs within the same position while not feeling discomfort. Employing a pillow that permits for total belly support, back support to lean upon if you need, and even in between leg support is usually most popular once this begins to occur.

Pregnancy wedge pillow2By making a certificatory positioning, you’ll higher keep your body within the correct alignment permanently blood flow, uninterrupted night’s rest from discomfort, and a network for each mother and baby.

Sleep Position vs. Pillow Comfort

Pregnancy pillows is a versatile product. It often tries to accommodate much for you to have more comfortable during the changing stages of pregnancy. Pillow choice is an essential factor. It supports your overall health. However, this gets more important when you are pregnant.

Stomach sleeper doesn’t get more extended opportunity to be a stomach sleeper while pregnant. Back sleeper also faces uncomfortable issues. They need to turn their side naturally. This will provide support to their added weight.

Side sleepers even try to find comfortable ways to sleep. The added weight will make it uncomfortable. So, they try to find better ways to support the stress their body feels through the night.

You sleep mainly comfy depends on your individual needs and preferences with any sleep product. You need something that will alleviate the stresses you feel upon your body.

Pillow material

After the sleep position, pillow material is an essential factor to consider. What kind do you like? A firm foam softer fill will go. Try out what’s going to feel best against your bump or back. Pay extra attention to find out picky about firmness, or the feel of the fabric you like.


Whether you are a stomach sleeper or side sleeper or you sleep in another position, you will feel uncomfortable during pregnancy due to extra weight. A pregnancy pillow is the most versatile comfortable product that makes it easier to sleep and make you more comfortable. Choose the best pillow for you. It will be better for both you and the new member is about to come to your family.

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