Examples of Video Games That Improve Children’s IQ

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Video Games Can Improve A Child’s IQ

Video games can be very addictive and distracting for children. Most of the children obsessed with video games have low interest in physical activities which is not good for their health. Considering these concerns, many parents are against video games, and they do not endorse children’s engagement with any video games. However, there is a bright side too, do you know video games can help improve your child’s IQ?

Video games enable children to exercise their cognitive system, function their strategic thinking and enhance their decision-making skills. Video games provide a challenging environment which helps improve problem-solving abilities. Apart from that, fantasy-based video games increase the imaginative thinking of a child. Does your child play any video games? If yes, check out your child’s IQ score at this IQ Test For Children.

To understand the effects of video games on children’s IQ, a study was conducted by the University of Stirling. A group of children was provided a particular game, each part of this game was based on challenging situations that demanded intelligence and a good memory. The players were supposed to remember patterns of different figures that appeared for a limited time. The understudy children were observed for eight weeks, each child played the game fifteen minutes, four days a week. At the end of the study, It was concluded that 90% of the children showed signs of improved intellectual strengths especially analytical and verbal skills. Later on, these children appeared in an IQ Test For Children, and many of them scored up to 10 points higher than they scored before they ever played the game. The game taught the children to link and process information in a short time and correspondingly strengthened their intellectual skills.

Super Mario Game’s Positive Effects on Brain

According to research, strategic video games like Super Mario enhance gray matter in children. A research was conducted on a group of children. Half of the group of children under study played Super Mario game for two hours for sixty days, and the other half group didn’t play it. The IQs of both groups were monitored and it was observed that there was a considerable increase in the gray matter of children who played Super Mario game.

A child’s brain grows and gets stronger with exercise just like his physical body. When children are exposed to video games that involve cognitive exercises, a considerable increase in their IQ score is experienced.

StarCraft Game Improves Children’s Strategy Making Skills

Just the way a child’s academic grades improve when he practices curriculum, his cognitive system evolves when he is exposed to challenges. The researchers at University College of London carried out research and concluded that certain video games could boost a child’s cognitive system. A study was conducted, and the children were offered StarCraft game. The children responded faster and precisely to IQ questions as a result of the game’s positive effects on their cognitive system. Several video games involve strategic planning, and every player creates his strategy. When a child starts functioning his strategy making skills, not only his skills improve but it also broadens his cognitive system. Parents should wisely choose video games for their children by doing thorough research on game. It is also recommended to keep track of your child’s IQ and see if it is improving with the help of video games.


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