What is positive attention and how to delight your child for his proper mental development?

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A child’s upbringing is a challenging task for parents. It requires showing positive attention to them and making them happy. In this post, we will cover both positive attention a couple of ways to delight a child. Both things play an important role in a child’s mental development.

Positive attention is when you respond to your child with enthusiasm and warmth and not showing an iota of apathy or indifference. It helps your child feel protected and valued. On an average day, parents made hundreds of interactions with their children. However, because of ignorance or other reasons, many parents do not know what is positive attention and how to show it. What are the gestures of positive attention

  • One way to define positive attention is it is a collection of gestures. Below are the signs that show you care your child
  • Smiling at her or him
  • Making eye contact and using facial expressions
  • Being physically gentle
  • Showing immense interest to your child’s interest
  • Using encouraging words to celebrate his any achievement like drawing a simple thing or anything else.
  • Never disparage or belittle her if she makes a mistake and
  • Of course, enjoy her company. It is because if you feel bored, your irritation will be exposed spontaneously and she will notice it without fail.

Why positive attention is important

Positive attention or gestures is a great way to infuse a feeling through children that they are valued and important to others. Their great importance to adults is they are a great source of pleasure for adults. Adults cannot pass their free time without their company. On the other hand, if parents or adults ignore them, they feel neglected and make themselves isolated. The result of self-isolation is depression. And this is why we see an increasing number of children suffering from childhood depression.

How can parents show positive attention

Do not think that children are so naive and stolid. They carefully pay attention to what you say and how you say. Positive attention is not a collection of unique forms of gestures to all child age groups. It varies among different age groups of children.


It may sound incredible but even newborns communicate and learn from everything and everybody around them. The more you respond and start communication with babies, the more sociable they will be.

Below are a few gestures of newborns that convey clear signals to parents that they need to communicate back or adoring them

smiling back when they smile

responding to the sounds they make by saying something sensible

Positive attention tips for Babies, Toddlers, and Children.

As your children get older, their brain develops further and that allows them to interpret your behavior towards them more clearly. This is why you need to treat them with caution. Children tend to notify two things with rapt attention. These are your tone and facial expression.

Whenever your child is around you, look at him, smile at him, show interest, pay attention and engage with him in positive ways. This all sends the message that your child is special and important.

Apart from positive attention, delighting your child is equally important for his proper mental upbringing. It is because mental peach is equally important for both children and adults. Below are a couple of ways to make your child delighted.

Hold on the to-do list for sometime

Every parent’s life is pretty busy. Despite a hectic life schedule, put your schedule on the back burner and spend some quality time with them. The events need not be so elaborate like going for a hiking or camping trip. Wearing a pair of father and son matching T shirts both you and your child and making a simple trip to the library, park, or ice cream store is enough to create some wonderful memories.

Avoid criticism and praise them instead

It is a general tendency of many parents that they often tend to focus on their children’s wrong practices and overlook the good ones. It is because spotting negative traits is easier than finding good behavior.

However, since children are fickle-minded, they are prone to make simple mistakes like not washing their hands and feet after returning from a playground. As a parent and guardian of your children, you should not admonish them severely for such trivial mistakes and instead remind them gently to wash themselves.

Sometimes children go the extra mile. One example of it is every parent teaches children to clean their dishes after lunch or dinner. Some children also clean the whole dining space on their own. It is a praiseworthy thing and parents should encourage them for such great behavior.


The future of your child greatly depends on his ideal mental development. In this respect, it is immensely important that parents should show positive behavior to them and delighting them whenever possible.

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