What you need to know on Nappy Rash

nappy rash

Parents who have babies as young as two months old are familiar with nappy rash. The ailment is one type of physical discomfort associated with skin irritations that affect babies as young as two months old to up to 12 months. Nappy rash is a common complaint of new babies that upsets parents. So, let’s know a few details of this common skin problem of infants.

What are the causes of nappy rash?

Several reasons cause nappy rash.  First, diapers are believed to be one of the culprits that cause this skin irritation. Nappy also play some role. The rash appears on the skin when child rubs diaper or nappy against their tender skin.

Second, moisture from urine/feces leaves germs on baby’s skin that cause nappy rash.

Third, cold or viral infection in babies also triggers nappy rash. The skin of babies is more sensitive than adult people. So, they are more susceptible to severe and viral infection.

The fourth reason for nappy rash is whether your baby is breastfed or bottle-feed. It is found that babies who are breastfed develop less nappy rash thanks to their better immune system than those who are bottle feed.

What are the symptoms of baby rash?

The most conclusive symptom of nappy rash is if you see red, irritated, and inflamed skin around the genital area of your baby. Another convincing symptom is if the skin of your child develops some blister. These two symptom- irritated skin and blistering are enough to alert you that your baby is suffering from nappy rash.

What are some preliminary treatments of Nappy rash?

Don’t scared if you discover inflamed or blister skin around the genital part of your child’s body. As an immediate treatment clean the area after each nappy or diaper change. After cleaning the inflamed part, apply some barrier cream there.

Another important thing is you need to check the type of nappy or diaper you are using. If the nappy or diaper fits too tightly with the skin, that also cause nappy rash.

Is fungal nappy rash and nappy rash are the same?

Though fungal nappy rash and nappy rash sound similar, they are different to some extent.  Fungal nappy rash happens if you don’t clean the rash area resulting from putting on the diaper. The symptom of fungal nappy rash is more profound.

You will see the bright red rash in case of fungal nappy rash. Your baby will also become more unsettled and show more discomfort. Another indication of fungal nappy rash is the rash will persist for 2 to 3 days

When to seek a doctor’s advice to take care of nappy rash?

There are certain situations that you need to alert yourself that nappy rash is not a simple skin irritation. Under these situations, you need to see a physician. These conditions are:

The rash on the skin of your baby does not disappear after a week.

If your baby is not sleeping well or continually showing discomfort

If the rash becoming worse and does not cure with cream

Development of pimples or blister on the rash area.

What are some natural products to treat a nappy rash?

Some natural products have amazing medicinal property when it comes to treating nappy rash. These organic products are

  1. Coconut Oil: Oil extracted from coconut has antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Jojoba Oil: This oil has a great anti-inflammatory property. Jojoba Oil is also a great source of vitamin E and vitamin D. The oil has amazing skin repairing ability.
  3. Aloe Vera: Provides a soothing, cooling effect on the skin and reduce inflammation and redness.

Sunflower Oil: This oil lowers skin redness and toughness. This oil includes omega-6 fatty acids, which has excellent inflammation property.

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