Why You Should Get a Little Nation Scooter for Your Kid


Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Children Their Little Nation 3-Wheel Scooter for kids

Whenever our whole family would drive through the nearest park or playground, my wife and I can’t help but notice little kids riding their colorful scooters.

They were laughing and playing.

They are just too happy not to notice.

Then, I thought, why not give my daughters these?

The wife had been supportive of the idea of buying our daughters something different from their usual “girl stuff”. The next thing we know, the kids are always outdoors steering their Little Nation 3-Wheel Scooters like a pro.

Reasons why Little Nation 3-Wheel Scooter is the best purchase we made for our little ones

I and my wife are happy so long as our children are enjoying their play hours safely. But like most parents are, we too are cautious each time we let them try or play with new things. 

With Little Nation 3-Wheel Scooter, we realized early on that worrying is unnecessary, and that they’re worth every penny we spent.

Here’s why:

# 1 – It is customizable to your kids’ needs or liking

What could be more fun than letting your kiddos choose the look of their Little Nation 3-Wheel Scooters?

With a variety of options to choose from for children aged 2-6, our little girls were thrilled to know that they have the complete say on how their wheels would look like. Now, each of my daughters has a Little Nation 3-Wheeler Scooter that was customised to their own design with a range of cool and vivid colours.

Aside from their vibrant colours, Little Nation Scooters also have adjustable micro-grip handle bars that offer firmer and more stable grasp for our little ones. For children below three years old, like my youngest, you may want to start them with the adjustable O-bar while he or she is still learning to scoot. On the other hand, the adjustable T-bar handle is fit for 3-6 year old kids, who are about the same age as my eldest.

Each Little Nation 3-Wheel Scooter also has groovy accessories, which my little girls and even my wife love. These scooters virtually have everything to go with it like handle bar ribbons bags, and even ponchos.

For now, I’d like to keep things simple. So, I got my little ladies their own flashy head gears to jazz up their outdoor ride.

But with the variety Little Nation Scooters have, who knows? I might get more.


# 2 – It has innovative safety features

When it comes to my little girls, I take no chances. Our daughters’ safety is always my ultimate goal even if they’re just out in our yard playing.

Good thing, Little Nation has a knack for combining safety and fun by developing several features for their 3-Wheel Scooters:

Lean and Steer Technology

With this technology, my little ones need not turn their scooters’ handlebars to steer. By leaning toward the direction they are headed to, they’ll get there without steering on their scooter handles.

Apart from crash proofing my daughters, I noticed that this feature also improved their motor skills and coordination.

Three-wheel design

The fact that my daughters’ Little Nation Scooters stand on three wheels is in itself a sturdy safety feature. With this design, rough roads or paths shouldn’t worry us a lot.

Scooter Brakes

Brakes aren’t a problem either. I can be carefree that my little girls are always in a smooth motion whenever they put their Little Nation scooter ride to a stop.

LED Wheels

This scooter has friction powered LED wheels too. This means no batteries are required to light them up.

While I don’t see myself allowing my girls to play outdoors in the dark, this feature may still come in handy when they need it.

# 3 – It allows daughters to enjoy their playtime to the fullest

The Little Nation 3-Wheeler Scooters I bought for my daughters were actually a replacement of their old and traditional scooters. Sadly, my daughters didn’t enjoy their old wheels as much as they had their new Little Nation scooters.

Every time we go outdoors, I am always in awe to see that my daughters’ balance and coordination had improved since they rode on these scooters. I noticed that they became more free-spirited and confident, and more active and energized over time as well.

Buying each of our daughters her Little Nation 3-Wheel Scooter is, by far, the best decision we made.

I and my wife just want our children to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. We think Little Nation 3-Wheel Scooters are helping us do just that.

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